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Sometimes, when I am alone, I ask myself all sorts of questions. Am I building something really important to me and humanity at large? Am I the person that I have always wanted to be? If not, am I becoming that person or did I get lost somewhere along the way. Are my dreams coming true?

You know something; there are the type of questions one does not like to ask. But it keep popping up, isn’t it important to live life, living knowing our existence is mostly about building legacies tied around ‘answers’ we never knew existed.

I’d like to believe that my stories are going to last for a long, long time. Maybe for as long as the human race itself. But what can you do about this? How can you build a legacy? How can you make sure that people will remember you?

The only question I can think of is this: you have to live your life exactly the way you want to. That’s what true courage is all about: acting without regard to consequences. Or something like that. And sticking only to the things you really love to do. The truth is; there isn’t time for anything else.

We often take time for granted. We believe tomorrow is certain. But the truth is; its never going to be so. Sadly, we can never see what the future holds.

I have always wanted to be a freelancer. And in my definition of a freelancer, it doesn’t matter if you publish paperbacks or e-books, or if you just blog. Being a writer/freelancer isn’t about genre or style or awards.

Being a freelancer/writer is simply about complete focus. Finding an audience is also important, I give to you here that, I am truly grateful for being able to present my thoughts to such an attentive audience, but I don’t think this is the most important part.

What you are is not what everybody is!!!

Where would you be if you were me?

When I sit to write, nothing else matters. To me, this simple act brings joy to my heart. And suspended inside the few moments that I spend writing, I’m perfect. I don’t need anything else, I don’t want anything else. There’s nothing to take from those moments, nothing to add or change.

A few moments of perfection, that’s how great things are built. And then, everything that follows, it doesn’t matter. Because you keep on going. You write when you feel like it, and you write when you don’t. You write when you are happy, sad, confused, or tired. You write when you have to write, when you feel there are too many words crammed inside your skull, and you write when you don’t feel like it.

That’s why I feel I could build something great. Because I feel that there is greatness to be found every time I sit to do my thing. Because I am happy when I write. And I want for a small part of that to remain long after I am gone.

I keep staring at my reflection and what I might have achieved if I had chosen differently, with my name would represent, I keep weighing each and every single word I come up with, trying to figure out how long will it be before they all turn to dust.

But then I remind myself that I choose to live most importantly over being happy. because feeling lucky even comes second on the list. And if I keep writing, beautiful things will happen for sure.

“Credendo vides” as the Romans would say. “By believing one sees.”

I believe we can all build great things, and this belief could help create a living fact we owned, written in our very own name. Aspire!!

Do you and Stay you!

Keep Becoming!


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