Part of our mission at #VisualsByC is to help photographers build a learning community together; improve their skills and art form as individuals. Here, we feature photographers from our community who have achieved Guru status and have established their own unique and admirable style of photography. We aim to shine a spotlight on these photographers and their work, motivate aspiring photographers, and get to know the people behind the lens a little bit better.

In this edition, we meet Okpere I. Charles and his simple style of picturing in Black and White.

Introduce yourself:

My name is Charles, I’m from Nigeria

If not a full-time photographer, what is your current occupation?

Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Writer, Trader, Farmer

How would you describe your photography style?

I love soft tones in Black and White. I have tried to edit in strong colors, but I do not feel comfortable with it. I almost always fall back to natural tones. I love getting a feeling, a moment or a story, often with my friends and animals. Sometimes I just take the moment with luck, but sometimes I also arrange an idea that I get and bring it into complex imagery

What inspires you as a photographer – what makes you click?

The moment when something feels so good in my heart. When my partners are unusually true to each other, or when moments just pops up from the blues… when it feels like “I need to remember that – forever”.
If I do not have a camera with me when such an opportunity is given, then I will be really sad – that’s why I almost always have my camera with me.
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Folarin #SwayCommunity

How and when did you get started on your photography journey?

I bought a Canon EOS  series, a very simple camera and I started to photograph EVERYTHING. Animals, children, flowers. I loved it, it was so fun to create my own pictures. Then I started learning Photoshop, and a new world opened.
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What’s your go-to camera and favorite camera accessory?

Unfortunately, I have a heavy camera, I use a Canon EOS Series and my dream lens Nikon/Sony 70-200 mm f2,8. It weighs a lot, but the results make it worth the weight, and I use it almost but I do really wanna owe one.
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When is your favorite time of day to shoot?

Evening, golden hour. Always when the sun is low and makes the shadows long.

Dream location/subject for a shoot?

Iceland. I would love to photograph nature there.
The ability to connect to people (mostly children). Make them do as I want to get the pictures I want. They do not even know that they do exactly what I want, we just laugh, talk, playing.
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Name someone in the photography world you would love to work with

I have so many role models! Elena Shumilova, Adrian C. Murray. Gustavo NOVO,
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Top 3 photography tips you’d like to share with THE COMMUNITY:

1. Follow your heart and photograph things you love, things that make your heart run. You can look at the pictures that you love what you photograph.
2. Learn when and where EVERYBODY is happy Different types of mood in different times, seasons or places.
3. Learn how to get the best out of every weather and don’t let a cloudy or rainy day ruin an idea. Just change the focus and learn how to get the best results from each day.
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Photo by #VisualsByC


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