1. I would never make fun of your inability to string words properly, we are actually here to help each other in becoming better writers and bloggers.

2. I am a Nigerian, I am black, If you have got problems with that, you should not be reading this.

3. I do not smile all the time but I am not an angry person, I PROMISE.

4. I do not use my amusement at the stupidity of humanity to feed my want to be a great, I would never do that.

5. Everything I diligently put up here is correct and if it sounds wrong to you then your points of views are extreme and coercive; the chances are you would be a replica of that extremist, Adolf H’man 😀

6. I love music that tells story I could relate to, music that plays tunes of my own existence, I hate to tell the world the kind of music I listen to and I listen to my music alone.

7. I know I have not gotten a ‘perfect’ style of writing, you know why I might never get there; I write and share only pictures painted in my head; if I am not in your good books, don’t stop reading me, teach me and watch me improve.

8. I am single with not kids, but I won’t send you love messages, I wouldn’t do that even if I see you to be attractive.

9. Note This Very Importantly; “Not every Nigerian that spends his time on the Web is a con man or scam, reasons I have my contact address pasted on my blog”.

10. I am good at using your words against you; so to younger bloggers, please don’t impress anyone with how you write; please write your soul out, I would gladly share in your thoughts.

11. Every blogger and writer needs to know this, coming from a young writer; “Pain is inevitable but suffering should be completely optional” That “web-nobody” with a course, should be given a hand, even if he can’t reach out to you.

12. I love blogging and writing and the dream is to get to the top the right way.. Celona’s blog would not indulge in any act, I sense as “negative”

13. I love football (European soccer), I support the best team in the world; Fc barCELONA, now you see where I got that name from, I pick on random things like that.

14. External stooges; should ease-up on tough immigration laws and I have chosen to stay clear topics on Homosexuality, Abortion and Feminism, let’s say for now.

15. I hold hands with every individual with poor mental health.