Throughout the past few years. Celona’s team of underground activists within the world of Art and Politics. These Gifted artistic practitioners have skillfully and brilliantly tried to propel their brands to the top echelon of the contemporary world of MUSIC, POLITICS, WRITTEN WORD, POETRY, PHOTOGRAPHY et al, making a brand of abstract expressionism. One of the most powerful yet almost instinct styles of letting out feelings; yet we aim at producing true icons in the process without the celebration of color and type.

Today, making good/new art is both #CelonaBlog’s connection with today’s world and it’s the pathway to connecting positively with generations yet unborn. The variety of media platforms used, their combined life experiences and salient collaborations has fueled the teams’ imagination and artistic varieties and vitality.

Our fresco here at Celona’s Blog depicts a fictional realm where the expressionism of words, sound, pictures, rhyme schemes; confronts the swiftness of society’s pulse in the process bringing power back to where it really belongs; “The bare hands of the ordinary man”!

while our combined highly sensitive, impulsive, spontaneous and well-balanced mindset orchestrated energy would always evoke other artist’s undying connection to the very vast world of art and social consciousness.

Welcome to #TheDissident!!


  • Posted July 1, 2019 7:46 am
    by Valentine

    It is a sure form of humanitarian work. The insights here at Cenola’ blog are highly commendable.

    Valentine Nnanyere

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