The Politics of Distraction.

They said he has 55 houses! Over 1 Billion in account! Undeclared assets! TRUTH: 5 houses (including 1 given to him by the FG). Just about N40m in account and unverified declaration forms. Just as Fela said in the song “Follow Follow”, make you open eye, open ear, open sense.

Nigeria’s biggest problem is Nigerians. We latch on to most things because many people are saying it, not because we know what is being said or what is going on. They gave us something to shout about because most of us are ignorant, so they can do what they want to do right under our noses. Yesterday the FG “closed” its case against the CJN, which technically means they don’t have any other/further evidence to rely on. And the CJN entered a “no case submission”, which basically is a pass back to the FG to prove their case on the evidence they have or drop the case totally. At the end of the day, everybody will pack their files and go home because nothing fraudulent or criminal can be proven against the CJN. But the plan to remove him BEFORE Elections has already worked. Moral of the Story.

For Politics of Distraction to work to full effect, it needs MILLIONS of ignorant and blind follow follow people to believe anything they push into the media. And for the record, I am NOT one of them.


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