Every travellers has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering ~ Charles Dickens

Little apologies, for staying away from Celona’s blog for “too long.” Had to go into a little bit of rescheduling and “scheming”, as a few would say. it’s being tough lately, but we still live like every cheque has being balanced somehow. 🙂

A few mind reconstructions here and there, stronger decisions made and all screws became tighter. It’s not being easy folks, sticking to realities, gotten from journey, as that of the “insane man.”
The journey thus far wiped a few scale of friends, bringing me to the part of a “selected few”

All thanks to the hundreds of blogs I read on a daily, to friends, that hold me in high esteem, to family that never left …to Chukwu Kelechi, @AuthorErikaKind, @thetpublicbloggr, @jessayofficial, mentioning a few.

Friends that choose to listen and smile back, even when WE had nothing to say.

Thankful to WordPress, for a wonderful platform, increasing my passion to owning a beautiful blogging experience.

To God almighty, the giver of life and inspirations, that has lead to deep thoughts and great achievements. I salute!!


I do appreciate everything I have learnt so far, hopeful to becoming a gladiator of inspirational vibes.

I am open to learning more, all I am here to do is give and give, till my world, becomes a healthy place, where sanity abounds and relating well with the next man, is a simple task for all

I miss a few friends too, one sound writer and blogger in particular. Mr Jason Cushman, that crazy but sound opinionated man. Happy to have gotten a reply to the mail I sent to him.

To the little family I have on here, I appreciate the opportunity I get in looking at your thoughts and journeys of life.




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