Hello, I’m Nnanyere. I’m a web developer living in Enugu, Nigeria. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, politics, and innovation. I’m also interested in technology and writing. You can read my book with a click on the button above.

Having worked for over 5 years as a Blogger and Web Developer, I have all the experiences it requires to get your business more visible.

I understand the Concepcion of most search Engine Algorithms and that gives me edge over most of my competitors.

I design and host affordable websites, blogs and apps for my clients here at Jobreaders Hub.

I create and sell digital Products for a living. And I copyright for firms and other organization who believe in the powers of quality contents.

How we Built CElona’s Blog

Ideas where translated to codes, build into pages and showcased through your devices. Charles Opkere’s ideas where, and my hands binded.

Hours on both codes and WP custom Pages, trying to tailor a client’s ideas into reality.

Even as it’s grossly forgotten, being a web developer in this 21st Century does not just entail coding abilities.

Most times, what they need is the marketing insight.

But just because of time, the mistakes and hits from server experiences, we deliver beyond expectations.

On the other side, being a site owner is not enough. Your ideas deserve a touch of professional break that comes honest insights.

My name is Valentine Nnanyere, and I help businesses get online with ease.

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