“If you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, would you forget who you really were? What if the face you showed the world turned out to be a mask… with nothing beneath it?”
― Jodi PicoultNineteen Minutes

Don’t you feel sometimes that certain human experiences can’t really be expressed? Certain depths of the soul can’t be put into words, no matter how much we try? Yes, it feels at times that words are simply bleeding out of our hearts, and, yes, we do come close to revealing the essence of the human spirit, yet we fail. Time and time again. Even when we try really hard to express.

Time and time again we come close to finding the answer to all of life’s profound questions, and yet; the answer finds its way to our ears as a soft whisper, only to dissipate into meaninglessness right before we capture what we think we understood.

We want to say more than we can, more than we are capable of saying. Words have always being our greatest achievement as humans. The firm control of Languages is gradually making most of our complicated dreams possible and realistic. Without the ability to express certain emotions in the way that we do, without the ability to pass them on, to instruct future generations, to leave something behind; I feel we would never achieved such technological breakthroughs and even more.

Yet, sometimes, words fail to express what our heart so desperately wants to say. We feel in such a way; the fire that burns bright inside our chests is threatening to shatter the world. We hold power in our hands, yet we feel too weak, because we want to be able to contain what we are feeling within punctuation marks. We want to string a few sentences together and define who we are and what we want and what we want to stand for.

But what if we just let it go? What if we simply chose to accept this as a fact? Just offer people a glimpse into your soul and hope that they can see and feel what you see and feel? Why wouldn’t that be enough? We are all similar in nature. We all have the ability to express universal truths and sound references to a generation that has settled with ‘only’ becoming final consumers of all the junk the western and eastern world is putting out there. It’s like a very strong competition within themselves (east and west) but instead of building our own world and becoming a force to recon with. Most of us have chosen to be gullible, letting our adept talent to go to sleep while we concentrate on stupid frivolities set up by worlds that have gone really advanced because they weren’t afraid to finding outlets to letting out all the positive energy that has being stuck inside of them for a pretty long time.

That’s it, actually. Art, all of it. That’s the meaning of life. We are alike, you and I. We share dreams and ideals, and we love with the same passion, and we feel just as lonely on cold nights, but the difference would always be in the attitude we allow to consume us. It’s that attitude and style to release toxic thoughts and give space for every refreshing facet that build something tangible that’s worth sharing with like minds all over the world.

Words make us feel less alone, and let us know there is someone out there who’s just like us. Who thinks and acts and feels like us. There’s great comfort in that, in knowing that you are not only unique but very special and similar to great minds out there.


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