“Nothing could be easier than disturbing a status quo instituted by others; the real work of the sinister
current is to break the rules we rigidly establish for ourselves.”

-Zeena Schreck

In the quietness of the day,
The stillness of his heart makes his mind drift
To places, he always tags “impossible”
No yearning for fate to remove the idleness he now craves
It’s that point he envisages the unknown

And from within he feels enlightened
his eyes still search for himself in the busy street
At the time he feels entwined with an insensitive humanity
That’s satisfied with the “usual”
he turned into something weird
man allows the cool of wind reminds him of life and living

Desperate to feel something more
Also, fear being burnt by knowing too much
Ok he reaches a point of dilemma
he never wants to go numb. no no no
Losing all spouts of inspiration and motivation
he would never be ready to be accepted

he started with rejecting what they imposed on him
he is now driven by the urge to staying relevant
he cannot trust what you call sane no more
his fears are what you can’t define
he transformed into their worst nightmare
encouraged by the simple things

he never spoke of moving on
‘Cos he became the reason younger ones learn to fly

Not interested in how long the pain would last
he became immune to certain bullshit
It’s real-life and a line has been drawn boldly

The thought of indifferent answers frightens him
he became a warrior for only positives alone

Let’s not hide now we have to choose to stand aground
Hoping that you choose to fight side by side your biggest fears
Choosing to stay blind to self
It’s a never-ending street we walk on now
Full of faults maybe, but an assure end for sure

Abandoned dreams with an attitude that scares you
I know reality turned you into a huge nervous wreck
Taking enthusiasm from your grasp
Would you choose to walk still?
Walk until his feet bleed out and he fell off this earth





© 2016 CelonaCharles

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