In order to move forward, you will have to stumble along the way, but every falter in your stride just makes your next step even strongerLindsay Chamberlin


Photo Credit; Gabor Dvonik

You are still alive
Being able to sustain the moments when nothing makes sense

The start not close to the end yet
Journey just got intense
A chance to run faster

You heard what the wise men said about the sluggard
Your tracks wouldn’t be made in gold
But the odds are less now

For you have paid some certain prices
The air got fresher
Hey don’t look back now

You own the tracks now
Ignore inevitable spouts of the competitive spirit
You are in a race for one winner alone

One winner that bears the tag of a unique team
Shouldn’t we choose to become the best runners
Let’s leave every competition for the morrow

It’s me and the track today
We choose to be the best runner for us first
Before they get a clue
We would be teachers of the trade

We made it into the next one.

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