“When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe.” 
― Madeleine L’Engle


Does it take an arrogant person to hold a steadfast opinion and in holding,

…decide, those who step outside are somehow worthy of judgment?

Does anyone have the right to judge?

Probably not. How dare I do it then?

Do I so despise it in others?

Though a world without strong opinion, may suffer the fate of weak sauce?

If one is so ready to cast aspersions, be prepared to examine thy self, or something biblical to that effect, and it’s true about every ‘glass house’,
as they would be ideal for a flasher…..

But….. aren’t we all guilty?

You and I?

None of us, or few, rise above the mortal coil of nature, nurture, fiddle, foe, fun?

Yes we would all fail and fail a million times!

Would you choose to raise again and again?

Would you choose to fight back?

Are you going to come back with a fierce fight?

Would you choose to be the puppet on the stage

Or would you choose to stage a come back?
…and make that your business


In growth; shouldn’t I see how I am a champion in my little way, but also see I own just one space for a footstep in every step I take forward, either the big ones or the one we all saw in the toddlers crawl.
Remember that scene thought us never to fight for self but for the good of all.

Wasn’t it warmth when we became students afresh
Not learning because we looked for knowledge
but because it was the norm
Confess says The Crow

Nothing real stays

Long in secrecy

We die in untruth

Are we headed for extinction?

on a run-away train of greed?

indifference, fear, or

can we just jump off and start again?

there lies the real definition of courage

For when you choose to be real with you and what you are capable of really doing, get ready to face rejection upfront young blood.

That’s a huge truth. The question is; would you be always ready to pick up your packages and keep moving even when everything seems totally odd after a multiple rejection??
that we must decide before it is too late

...and he answered most of my questions with a smile. codename; Totti

…and he answered most of my questions with a smile.
codename; Totti

Immunity is a transcient day of clouds

Obscuring inevitable descendant downpour

we can lie to our conscience

Fumble in Sin

Never, not once, in all chased around garden

avoid, rain removing mask

So naked

Standing in deflation

pretty distraction cut away

confess says The Crow

Nothing real stays

Long in secrecy

We die in untruth

As birds, migrating spear

Testify to sky

that the crown would always remain a myth.

For the day you decide to become a King and not the replica, the space would always remain vacant for you to fill, but then would you live like the extravagant Emperor or would you take the time to learn to be different and produce an attitude that smashes the crown.

can you walk the walk?

purposely taking in all the odds

and dramatically making them work to your advantage?

even utilizing the temporary darkness

and make everyone believe its alright?

There would be no crown to fight for young blood
once you choose to remain a student to enlightenment.



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