Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escapeBell Hooks


Wake up friend
Don’t give space to that heat
Don’t give space to that heart attack
As you not in this alone
I have being here with you
Don’t you remember that ugly road
Where chances were never given

Remember Friend
That huge bridge they burnt
Leaving us on that rough floor
The one they called “crossroad”
That point we were scared to move on
As our grip on hope was thin
Even when we had our assurance and convictions on the high

I think we concentrated on fear the most
I think we used our own hands in plotting “mistakes made”
I remember we did not even notice the autumn leaves fall
We focused on the present alone
And allowed the goods gotten from future pass us fast

I speak from a different state now
Where words are encrypted
And the language of truth has being totally twisted
More like the story of “the ship in the tide”
It’s a difficult place too

But it’s the city I have chosen to stay
Where reality is assured
Not mirage upon mirage
But a city where chances are given
Even opinions are allowed
As long as you are certain on staying alive

I am sure I want to live on now
I promise not to bail again
The convictions became stronger somehow

Hope left the horizon
It’s in my bare hands now
Patience became a virtue
The pursuit became real
It’s like it’s in tone with my breathing
I live it now friend

It’s an empty world though
Full of competition and strive
Full of questions and a few answers given
But that not a problem
The problem was with us then

What I could build out of all this I have now
That’s what’s important to me
Would you join me on this route
Where determination makes us feel useful
And makes us feel very safe
Not just to ourselves
But for generations unborn.

Join me on a journey to life and living

Just a friendly plea.



© 2016 CelonaCharles

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