Baby toys were left at my door. Either someone’s trying to get my attention, or I have the attention span of an infant ~ Jarod Kintz



From the southern clans of Crimea
To the eastern valleys of Burundi

Petulance and greed staking it’s claim
Even in the northern hills of Chibok
Mourns and wails with no tame
As the children became less valid
Innocency set ablaze
As all men chases to own stake
Tankers replaces serenity of infants stay

How often should we see their faces gloom
And the bright sparkles in their eyes fade
Christmas carols scraped
For the loud cheers of songs of sorrows

Childhood was never intended to last forever
But those few years
Replaced with fear, force and fury
The little ones made no request for golden palace
All they wanted was freedom to play

Your children know and own pleasant places
For God’s sake
This little ones just want to carry their own faces
Not ended dreams
With a few words from your decisions made
Why play safe with words like ‘purge’
Committing atrocities
The devil would disclaim

Storming a mother’s yard
You call that intention for peace
My crys for that little breath you seize

You enjoyed a childhood
And inflict pain on that very same hood
Don’t you listen carefully
The tiny voices calling you an abomination to humanity
Robbing them off that little space to existence

What is consciousness to your being
Deprived basic amenities was not enough
As you also decided to make a mother loss a few
To make a nation thrive on what? Blood of innocent and harmless foetus

Thud! Thud! Thud Thud!
Please make that sound end
Thousand cauldron of sweet children’s blood
Discrepancies one too many
Would the blood bath go away
With aggravated mother’s asking
Which piece of you she chop off
In memories of their babies

Can you hear the laughter you muted
The multiple lives you refuted
My wishes for the few you spared
Don’t take them all away from us
Their laughter defines peace
Their presence encourages serenity
Mama nature wipes
As your sins pile up
Just brace up for her wipe

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© 2015 CelonaCharles

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