“The Knowledge Rule 2080: From maggots to men, the world is a corner bully. Better you knuckle up and go for yours than have to bow your head and tuck your chain.”
― Ta-Nehisi Coates

Niggas from the hood is the best actors;
The ones that get to wear their faces backwards;
Never smiles much or their defense gone.

They got ways of speaking that’s unnatural;
Just to make it through a job interview;
They Just trying to make it out somehow;

Peeping through this sheets I see the sun now
Another day yeah?
…and everything won’t be Okay 
I know son!

Just keep your head up!

Better days don’t ask for permission  

Focus on the simple things;
It’s so much easy that way!

The world wants the best version of you. You hear!😍😜


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