Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind ~ Bernard M. Baruch

As we finally decide to move this site to a much private and self hosted domain, there would be major changes! We would not be blogging for a while as we fix things and put widgets in places.
Writer, Blogger and amateur Editor Charles Okpere would ensure that everyone who has made this site a hub to basic insights, on real life people with a real life reality put into expressions, would not be disappointed with the outcome of things later this autumn.

Every word you see on our our platforms should be regarded as a deliberate mix of many thoughts, culled out from multiple conversations and interactions we have heard with rich minded individuals in recent times.
…tailored with the ‘simple and complete’ conclusions of an opinionated man somewhere in Nigeria. I know what your thoughts are but don’t worry. It’s ok

I think posterity would judge me if I don’t acknowledge one of my favorite blogger and writer for being here through all this learning process, she has being always here regardless the long periods I have had to use outside blogging in recent times. Many appreciation goes out to Erika Kind not just for being an example and a very dedicated and focused blogger, but for also making out time for the “underground” within the WordPress blogosphere.

I have seen loads of hard hitting comments on how I should improve on my writing skills and concentrate on making published works. My focus has never being on making “fine sentences”, but passing across explicit messages that could mean a lot to an interested reader somewhere in this very vast virtual world we have on our hands.

2019 Rigged Elections

I suggest you ignore my “writing skills” and take a little peep into the little real life and mind communication we try to make here; taking this words in with an open mind and not necessarily making our written words ‘statement of facts’ but opinions forged out of real life experiences we choose to share with you.

I don’t think any consistent reader of this blog would have problems with the words that are often painstakingly put on here, ‘cos the truth is; no one here is interested in an unnecessary resentments channeled towards the minds that come up with the hard-felt expressions you come across on this platform.
…this post is another call to duty, for – Real talkers, intellectuals, thinkers, writers and doers who have always believed in the growth process we openly show. All of us at Celona’s blog wouldn’t know it all for sure; so we have continually chosen to read, research and scribble to broaden our scope, so in the end it’s all about aiding our search to solutions needed by a crazed humanity fate somehow lined us up with.

The structural ideology of Charles Okpere and the #OkpereCircle’s writing niche, has always being tied around a very conscious effort to; Most especially Learn, Expose, Inform and Enlighten ourselves here first, not regarding the continual hurdles we face doing the compulsory task before us, on a daily basis.

The exposure we sincerely look for is one we think should be a barricade to hurdles that can gradually ‘trickle to fumble’ a young man’s firm grip on sanity and doing the right things at the appropriate time.

so we prefer to blog-out almost every words that comes to mind on the very important issues that has left man confused. We painstakingly do this insane task even late  into the night, where silence and solace are our allies. Almost the same time Mr critique basks in the euphoria of the days “co-operate” achievements with a beautiful sleep, we on this side forgot what sleep feels like because of the dedication to a course.

I am saying we represent one of those very fussy writers who must have complete silence, to express it all, the exact way the picture comes to mind, and since we have chosen to speak out on most of the delicate issues that affect our everyday life, it’s necessary we put in more time into what we do.

NOTE!! This blog would for no reason choose to represent any anti-Semitic quarters, nor would we be against major stands by feminists all over the world, but we would seriously look into the atrocities tagged “politics” within this contraption called a country, the very one I live in. I would clearly state here that the type of politics my country teaches me is similar to what you watch on your NatGeo Wiild. (Zoo Style). Nothing similar to the media’s portrayal of a ‘democratic state’ #JustSaying!

I don't like my president's judgements on

I don’t like my president’s judgements on “corrupt individuals” in this zoo called a country

We aren’t promising to be a 100% politically or socially correct, but we would try as much as possible to stay on that lane we have maintained from the very start, one that represents standards of highly principled and structured writers, who try to get results. Results that points at the fact that other individuals and community in search of succor and explanations are regarded before ourselves.

With that said; I go ahead to greet my approval seeking aristocrats. Hope the weeks past has been all about smooth sails and all about accomplishments for you all. As you completely reject our words on this platform and try to make others do the same just because you feel we aren’t using the writing techniques you evoked from heaven, we only ask you shoot those critiquing with complete respect.

I am sure you know this already, here we take Rejection as that thing that’s better left forgotten, like an awkward encounter.
We are aware that as creative entities, we have our easy ways of dealing with our individual fair share of let downs and disappointments from a bad review, to being passed over for a place on “world renowned websites- and the list goes on and on.

A lot of people like to gloss over this very arduous part of the process of becoming a better writer and freelancer, the fact remains however, that without all this crazy suggestions, we can never be molded into the most perfect version of our creative selves as we could be. And as you feel we should be.

We get it. We truly do. You painstakingly push us to that edge of sanity- and topple our own doubt in ourselves and (I’m guessing vicious) self criticism has become an ordeal we now live with just because of this careless suggestions you have chosen to give instead of appraisals and encouragements to the work we have put in.

Can’t you see you are making this few purposeful creatives to be faced with something close to that surmounted pressure that they now essentially interpret as a sign to quit. Though this hurts us, it’s absolutely normal and we would be just fine. Just watch ;-D

Let’s think of it from a practical standpoint. Facts are facts – We are not the only ones in this fellas. For every moment we have all put into building ourselves as authors- there is always that someone that has doubled, tripled that effort. That’s called competition. This is a competitive field. And we appreciate all the steps that leads us to a point where everything we do here is way beyond competing with anyone.

kkc2Does this mean any one is better than us? Not exactly. Does this mean we would quit? Absolutely not. Does it mean we aren’t not good enough? Possibly, but it’s up to us here to improve. My point is , that a rejection on the surface – means very little when compared to friendly suggestion for us to try harder.

We understand that the true dagger in the heart of the average writer -pertaining to rejection- is the internal damage that criticism can inflict on him. We are choosing to accept this careless suggestions that keeps coming our way. I think you are beginning to regard us a threat in a few ways.

My own adept suggestions are that you allow us the chance to use our inner critic to gut-punch you harder than this senseless words some idiots are beginning to turn into fine trends.

We are choosing to stay Focus!!! and we suggest you stay patient with us. Allow our focus and patience supersede our fear and doubt. Encourage Us. ‘Cos we are ever inspired to be better than our previous best, and not basically trying harder-than the next writer.

CHARLES OKPERE: My advice to sincere writers, still contemplating on making the process a continuous one; Go for a walk. Create time to socialize. Do whatever you have to do to get that blackness out of your ambition, and then come write again, hit it harder one more time. Hit it until there’s nothing left. Then hit it some more and even some more, to the extent the dreams and goals becomes a foreseeable reality.

Any professional ANYTHING will tell you that the only way to be the best is to train like the best. So don’t give up. Push further. Read what was rejected and (if you were lucky enough to get a critique with the rejection) correct your faults.

And I find it sad that it’s not the fall that breaks most people, but rather fear. Or doubt. They stare down and they’re afraid of what might happen. The fall won’t break you. Trust me. If you’re brave enough to try to fly, the fall won’t destroy you. That’s for sure.

Failure is temporary. Pain is temporary. Anger should be temporary. Hopelessness should also be temporary.

Reasons I suggest that our focus should be all on gaining grounds for strides that lands us softly; not on platforms of; “I wish I was different” but on platforms that were formed by deliberate acts and guided by attitudes that were formed overtime from acts only you got better at.

Quitting, however, makes regrets a lasting reality.


I see magic in the least of places. I see magic in the artists that I once looked down on. I see an endless potential for greatness in you and I . It’s my choice to see what the “important ones” would never see in the “useless ones”, I speak for you and I as a friend, even when you aren’t willing to see what I see.

Rejection is simply a part of the business. Though it may be difficult to adjust, in time you’ll be as immune to it as you are to helium. So take it in stride and keep getting better.


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