Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost ~ Erol Ozan



Mr Rufus is one dude who really knows what he wants and overtly bent on getting it, I respect the dude for the talent he would always flaunt even when it’s visibly not necessary.
He recently just started his masters degree in Literary Studies (Literature); the dude bent on becoming a lecturer or something? None of my business; I just know the fella knows how to be professional to a freaking fault.

Mr Francis. Aka-‘Totti’, is that enigmatic fellow, always in the mood to lift your spirit. I just needed to be around men that knew how to make me feel right about myself, giving support to all the loads I deliberately opt to carry; seeing no wrong in the journey I have chosen to embark on; a friend and a true brother, who knows exactly what keeping fit means. It just feels good having a partner that’s ready to go for a 80 minute jog with you.

As usual, I got into deep conversations with this two individuals, a tool I use to sharpen my daily musing. (no apologies)
The sincerity embedded in words you get from passionate men like this two is just priceless. I mean just too priceless.

Our small discussions, was spread across a whole lot of issues, cutting across the massive ethnic divide we pretend isn’t a problem in our beloved country (Nigeria); to the fierce fight young Nigerians are putting in, to curb the excesses of the old trolls mishandling the wealth and potentials of young minds this country houses.


…but then, after blowing our minds with intellectual instances and revelations, our biggest disappointment still remains in the fact that; even after having strong convictions of the facts that; we are really not so far apart from each other, we still choose to build invisible walls to keep us always on the safe side at all times.

The sad truth here is that regardless the convictions “strong” individuals like you and I embrace on a daily, we all still want to be appreciated and accepted by the same people that blatantly ignore our pains and times of many fights.

It’s all about our needs, our desires, our pain, our tragedies. We want what we want, and we won’t give up until we have it. Forgetting we are part of a society that strives and functions on the naivety and ignorance of the next man around us.
What exactly do I really want?

It’s being a week of many travels and meeting new people. Hopefully I find time to rest and the musing continues from where it asked for a break.
Hope we having a great week ahead fam. Keeping up with more wonderful and thrilling comments I have being getting lately.

Yes I’m seeking for someone, to help me. So that some day I will be the someone to help some other one ~ Vignesh Karthi



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