Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste. Charlotte Brontë


Hey #OkpereCircle!!
It always feels great, writing on this platform again and again and again. I had already told a few “trusted allies” on facebook that I would be moving to my self hosted website sometime in October …but getting a notification from wordpress;

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

So I felt I should just do the usual; Rant!! To remember when this all started 😉


Basically I think majority of us here on wordpress and the entire blogoshere worldwide; blog and write because we all have loads of untold stories inside of us; loads of experience and “lessons gotten”, we long to share with our given community.

I personally, consistently itch to share with the world; stories of a young man who enjoys storing up all flashes of inspirations that turned failures into moments of triumph. For those who have chosen not to share at all, you guys have done nothing wrong at all; But I somehow feel, this ones would face a panel of mean judges, from the world of posterity and the beyond, don’t you think?

I am not coming down hard on anyone, but the truth is we all have gotten our different shares of “crazy” trying moments from time -to-time; one that could actually speak to the next man in loud tunes; on how resiliency, consistency and continuity, could be a way of life. That only happens if you share. Simple!

We might not truly know the impact our stories give each time we share; we simply connect with others in ease; making the next man (with similar experiences you once passed through), feel he is not alone in those “cage” of little strive and mental wars.
In other words; on a platform, where there are no expectations, we bring “bonding together” to life. That type of bonding where there is an imaginary hand of hope always stretched out, it goes ahead to hold the hand of that next man; practically leading him by a leash towards the light.

Keeping our stories hidden is an option of the ignorant; who thinks this world is a “solo run”. Why choose to hide your strive and experiences, the shame and sadness and most importantly, why hid the pain?
Choosing to show only ‘fake’ brave faces to people that are in dire need of your “words of struggle” and really need to hear your experiences, is being selfishness and definitely always an unwise decision.

A few of us choose to “lockup” and “shutdown”, so as not to be seen as vulnerable for fear of repercussions; ones, that turn out to be completely senseless at the end of the day.

Doesn’t it feel too stuffy in there, with all the pain you keep within yourself, knowing that overtime; that ticking time bomb would explode; setting free that dreaded monster called: Depression.

See Fam!! Choosing to share and allowing other people’s experiences teach you, is like consistently learning how to contain pain and unnecessary anxiety. Future tantrums, at a point becomes familiar like; putting on a pair of jean, that’s completely worn-out, but turns out to be the most comfortable because you have worn it so many times. Choosing to open up and telling our stories can be agonising but the truth be told; it’s a win win situation buds

Yeah!! You might cross that bridge of many frustrations and worries alone, which causes you to never open up …and thus; makes you find a way to healing depressing past only in your head alone. You see, if you don’t share, how would you have a learning procedure?


Blogging has being pure excitement 😉

It takes bravery and pure love for humanity, for an individual to place himself on a platform of ‘vulnerability’; there is complete strength in speaking/sharing personal truths, without any iota of shame and regret.
To share is to run a risk that many don’t want to choose and I too completely understand and relate to that feeling, to an extent.

Some would say; “I have to be choosy, when it comes to sharing my life experiences, it’s my damn life. Common!! I just can’t lay bare my whole life for the world to see. The world I live in do not even care to understanding my plight”. I know that for sure. That’s why Celona’s blog would be welcoming what you have to say friend, no one would try pulling stunts with your struggles when you share here. Allow us here hold your hands and guide you along, as we all share in our different and diversified thoughts.
I would allow your words do the same to me and others yet to share with us.

When we share words, we heal easily. As you open your heart to new experiences, just know I open mine too. Understanding every single experience shared, boils down to how passionately it was shared.

There would always be love in here for both ends. 😉





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