You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions – Karen BlixenOut of Africa


I am Nigerian!! Not for long maybe 😉

I am a complete African breed, a child of the eastern part of Nigeria, brought up in the western part of this same country …and I am always open to learning the wise ways of the “Westernized West”.  My sincere wish is; may all the “personal junks” we get to share with each other on here; be a story that turns out to be an inspiring tune to the ones behind us and even the ones we call leaders.

As I celebrate a full year of exploring the world of writing and connecting with individuals of different race and colour, culture and ethnicity, I would state here that this little journey has being all about; staying true to my very own existence/experiences and life; as it plays out, and it’s for this reasons I would continue trying my best to staying modest and not bore this very wonderful community with constant dark thoughts of hard times and experiences I go through in my part of the world. The intention has always being to write from the innermost part of my being. Some individual have gone as far as painting an even more complicated picture of my very humble self, with no apologies, I would state again, that this is my space for expressions of reality. I don’t think any one should have a problem with the way I choose to tell the story of my life.

I would keep trying as much as possible, to ease into the writing/blogging experience, as I have now gotten a space and chance to explore my “hidden talent”. I do what the heart loves to do, and Oh! I would so do it with all careless abandon; there would be no apologies given at any point in time or rather, I hope there would be non needed in the first place 😉

I still live a life full of resentments and plenty fights, as there is a part of me that has always remains scared of “what would be”. I feel all this fears I have has being what pushes me to wanting to become better and evenly rounded in everything I set out to do. I have always being scared of being pushed to following this “compulsory trends”, that has lead to the continual decay in moral growth because the society that breeds us has chosen to teach young minds “fiscal strength over all”, which has ultimately lead  to constant pressure, and it’s like I tend to meet a “fight for life”, in everyday.

On this road of “serious struggles”, I chose to put my every-other-day somewhere in-between poetry and the art of wanting to express in my own words. This has kind of fixed me into a weird type of journey, a journey that has plenty stop signs that leads to reflections and space to heal.

I sincerely hope you join me in this journey where both of us are more of learners then self proclaimed teachers, bringing each other to a point where we would be all expectant, even if we can’t see the goods coming our way …after all, our focus has always being on contributing to an already existing community right? A community we never created.. a community that consists of different people with different cultures and traditions, from all parts of the world. I won’t promise it would be an enriching and developing experience but I can promise it would be a path that would turn out to be landmarks for generations unborn.




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