I’ve always been very confident in my immaturity ~ Brandon Sanderson


Kastina Alla.. Benue State.. Nigeria.. 1:30pm 08/01/2016


Something similar to how you adjust the mirrors in our car
To capture the specific line of sight for safety
I keep adjusting my point of view not for a safe heaven
But to really show I live with men with opinions that differ.

Today I say “hope won’t run dry”
Tomorrow I try sucking up that last drop of inspiration
The target is something eyes haven’t seen
Everyday day becomes a race
In hot pursuit for something unusual and rare
With still uncertainty hovering over my head
But mind set and heart made up for something different and special.

My search like nomad in the wilderness
Just give me that bowl of ink
And the feather Achebe held firm
As my right hand drops softly on that white surface
I make a solemn promise
That my motivation won’t run dry
For I stand to defend all experiences I paid my dues for
My promise to Plato and Picasso I did keep firm.

Scattered thoughts signalling “so much on my mind”
All I do is give you a pinch of my pain
And a taste of my soured muse
No intention to seeking an audience
For this is my spot to lay it all bare
A souled-out space for all the heart burns to share
A space for expressions of reality

Je Suis Charlie!!





© 2016 CelonaCharles

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