…you would always catch them networking with written words 😉

This is a conversation I have with myself regularly. It is something I ponder, question, and do serious analysis when I ask my self certain question concerning writing.
What makes a writer a ‘writer’?
Writing is food. It is nourishment. It isn’t a selected choice, it becomes a need. Yet what we write is only individually filtered if we write from our own scope. Experiences and cognitions become the staple recipe, but without the added ingredients, it can become bland and tasteless.
I repeat, what makes a writer a ‘writer’?
We each have a personal expert area, a specialism which we devour. We drink this knowledge and feed on every last particle. This allows us to recite and share our learning and passion with others.

In becoming articulate in the written word adds an extra dimension to conveying this information. However does this satisfy the hunger?
Writing is creativity and creativity is imagination. To write only from an external perspective creates an invigorating information source but does it offer internal enlightenment? Does it feed your soul as you write out your breath?
Writing is limitless. It cannot and should not be controlled. It is an opportunity to explore, to dive, and to swim in the deepest pits of our being. It is an opportunity to let go.
On paper, we are weightless. There are no rules. On paper we can dream.

Inspiration is achievable and becomes the light in our verse. It offers perfect enchantment in our stories and sprinkles our perceptions with intrigue. We simply need to feed the beast. Become as one with our soul and write out our breath!
Limitless!! Infinite exploration.
Soar like a bird. Spread your wings.

The sheet is same as the sky
There are no limits to where you could reach/go.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception..



Please do share in my thought. What do you think about writting?

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