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…continued from PART 1 and PART 2

“There is no story that is not true, […] The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others.” 
― Chinua AchebeThings Fall Apart

The structure (gaint of africa) is one that only has a support system for the country’s corrupt big men, who would never take caution and stop stockpiling the country’s wealth in coffers beyond our reach; ultimately depriving original owners the right to good living.
I have also stated elsewhere that this mindless carnage will end only with the dismantling of this senseless political system right from the top, and the banishment of the cult of mediocrity that runs in it, replacing it with something young, solid and sane, something of the new age; a mind that would relate with the plight of the ordinary man, a structure that has all tendencies of continuity and balance.

This would be achieved if the Igbos are given a chance to express their skills in leadership within its own confines, we aren’t asking to be part of, or even rule a contraption that is always at the verge of collapse but never collapses.
What we are saying is; we can’t endure looking at “decay” in front of us and choose to endure the stench, and forced to do that with a smile on our faces. capital NOOO!!!!

My conclusion here is that; writing a war is not easy, so writing oneself into a war and that war into the oneself is a task of epic proportion but Chinua Achebe achieved that with his last memoir, reason I choose to go with every words of a true Igbo loyalist to the core, who believes in telling simple truths, aimed at exposing hidden facts from the eyes of ignorant sons of the native Igbo land.

We don’t want change either, that’s not what we are asking for!! We want something we can call our own because we are sure we would be just fine by ourselves; a given state with no choice but to use the youth system as the basic support for an outstanding foundational leadership skill, needed to sending a country to the very top.

We aren’t asking to be part of a government that is confused and does not have a concrete support system for its youths, and I am not even talking about the youths from the southeastern part of the whole contraption, but that’s the story of the entire Nigerian youths. Clueless with no space for any ambitious spout!

Like most of Achebe’s other works, it is clear and absolutely defined; the progress of war and presence of violence has a universal quality. In a world where sectarian hatreds, augumented by political mediocrity have fractured Syria and would always seem to fix Israel and Iran in a boxing ring. We would one day revolt if they don’t give chance and space to live like men in a given democratic state.



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